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How to protect and use ternary catalysts?

At present, EFI vehicles are already very common, and the cars updated after 1999 in Beijing, including cabs, are basically electronically controlled gasoline injection and equipped with three-way catalytic converters. As the price of the three-way catalytic converter is not expensive, so the reasonable use of the three-way catalytic converter to extend the life of the majority of drivers, including taxi drivers can not only ensure that the vehicle emissions qualified, but also can reduce a large part of the operating costs.
  The life of the three-dimensional catalytic converter is generally about 100,000 kilometers. The price ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Use to a certain period, in order to ensure that the exhaust gas standards, must be replaced. However, reasonable use can greatly extend its service life. The three-dimensional catalytic converter can only achieve the highest conversion efficiency and at the same time the longest service life if the air-fuel ratio reaches 14.7 (α = 1) within a very small range. There are two prerequisites to achieve this requirement, one is the normal operation of the EFI system, and the second is to ensure fuel quality.
  The following is a part of the three-way catalytic converter failure mode, failure mechanism and failure causes, please pay attention to friends.
  1, the use of leaded gasoline and poor quality gasoline is strictly prohibited. Do not go to the informal gas station refueling. Because informal stations are often blended with low-grade oil or additive to improve anti-blast performance.
  2, the use of gasoline additives and oil additives approved by the manufacturer or technical department, because most additives are used to pursue the obvious effect of metal ions containing ingredients.
  3, when the EFI car starting difficulties or engine work is not smooth, should be timely troubleshooting, not reluctant to drive.
  4, the fuel light alarm, should be filled as soon as possible to prevent the oil level is too low, resulting in abnormal fuel supply and electric fuel pump damage, and ultimately cause poor engine operation.
  5、Prohibit torsion and stall coasting to prevent fuel accumulation in the three-way catalytic converter, resulting in high temperature sintering.
  6, forbidden to run without cylinders or with a single cylinder cut-off test, resulting in high temperature sintering or accelerated thermal aging.
  7、It is best to idle for a few minutes before turning off the engine, do not blast the throttle before turning off the engine, and do not step on the throttle when starting.
  8、Once the emission is found to be substandard, the cause should be identified. If the engine works normally and the emission exceeds the standard a lot or rises sharply or has been used for more than 100,000 kilometers, the three-way catalytic converter may have failed.

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