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Common knowledge about metal honeycomb carriers

Metal honeycomb carrier has the advantages of fast ignition, small volume, high strength and good heat resistance, which is widely used in motorcycle exhaust gas purification. It is made by pretreating the surface of metal honeycomb carrier and generating a transition layer between metal honeycomb carrier and active coating to solve the thermal expansion matching gradient transition between metal material and active coating, coating the active coating containing Ce, La, Pr and other rare earth elements on the transition layer, and then loading the active component containing Pt, Rh and other precious metals. The carrier surface treatment generates the transition layer, the bonding of the coating is good; using high temperature resistant than high surface area materials, the catalytic converter has good high temperature resistance; optimizing the ratio of precious metals and rare earth elements, the catalytic converter has low starting ignition temperature; using high performance oxygen storage material formula, the catalytic converter has high purification efficiency; using automatic coating equipment suitable for metal honeycomb carrier, the coating is uniform; the service life of the metal catalytic converter is long: gasoline vehicles Long service life of metal catalyst: more than 80,000km for gasoline vehicles; strict quality control and inspection, stable product quality; different cost formulas are available to meet emission standards while taking into account the economy.
Metal catalyst has the following advantages.
1. Longer service life
2. Excellent comprehensive mechanical properties
3. higher purification effect and reliability.
4. Fast heating speed
5. High thermal fatigue and vibration resistance

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